Love thy enemy?

On Tuesday we had what I thought was a momentous decision by our Supreme Court to declare the governments pro-rogation of Parliament illegal. But now our Prime Minister seems to be carrying on as normal. Parliament is back sitting again, but Boris Johnson and co will not admit they were wrong. He and Geoffrey Cox went on the offensive when Parliament returned on Wednesday, in probably the most angry Parliamentary session we have ever seen.

I am a member of the Labour Party, but not a very active one. Our political system is so adversarial. Brexit has made it much worse. Hate crime is rising, fuelled by right-wing politics. But should we respond to anger and hatred with more anger and hatred?

Our garden

We have had a lot of rain this week, and our garden is looking a lot fresher. It’s a bit overgrown. Chris is right, too many plants, too much growth, not enough space. I need to make some changes, maybe move a few plants or trim them back. I hate to dig them up or destroy them. Best to wait till it gets colder.

I turned 70 this week. Big milestone. Family weekend in Eastbourne, and then celebrated with a meal with Chris at the Duck and Waffle, on the 40th floor. Great views looking down on Tower Bridge. That’s what’s made me start this blog. After 70 years, I should have something to say?

View from the Duck and Waffle

There is a practice in Buddhism where the idea is to wish all beings achieve happiness and freedom from suffering. We are encouraged to think of different people, including our enemies, and wish them happiness and freedom from suffering. So as my enemy I have chosen Boris Johnson, and as part of the practice say such things as ‘may Boris Johnson know happiness and the causes of happiness’. It might stick in my throat sometimes, but if he is happy and free from suffering, he would not be so angry, would not be so driven in the pursuit of power, and not be fuelling the reactions of extreme Brexiteers.

Could you imagine a Labour Party conference where delegates took some time to wish happiness for Boris Johnson? Maybe not, but a little bit of compassion and respect for those of different views could be on the agenda.