Wake up and plant the roses

Cool sunny October day. Last night Boris Johnson got a deal with the EU. Will he get it through Parliament tomorrow? Who knows. DUP are saying NO. But we’ve been watching this Brexit car crash for over 3 years now and anything could happen. I’m still watching on in horror and confusion. My knee is […]

A day with the Seagulls

Hugo is writhing in agony. He’s in the net – as is the ball. Within 3 minutes of kickoff, an innocuous-looking cross floated in from the left. It’s straight at the goalkeeper. Hugo jumps for a comfortable catch. He drops the ball, falls backward, and the Brighton forward nips in unchallenged to head it into […]

Love thy enemy?

On Tuesday we had what I thought was a momentous decision by our Supreme Court to declare the governments pro-rogation of Parliament illegal. But now our Prime Minister seems to be carrying on as normal. Parliament is back sitting again, but Boris Johnson and co will not admit they were wrong. He and Geoffrey Cox […]